Sleek Kiosk Series

SLEEK Kiosks are usually meant for disseminating information and for advertising. With the sleek design, it will be able to deploy with little space and house equipments neatly inside the kiosk.

There are 3 aspects which can change the outlook of the kiosk. Color, shape and the skin. To break the usual shape, additional covers are made to hug onto the existing panels and thus altering the shape. Skin can be change by printing stickers to paste onto the panels.

For the kiosk to be effective as an advertising kiosk, the LCD has to be at least 19" in size so that the advertising video will be able to attract the attention as far as 8m away. Good sound system is also recommended.

The rear panels are made to be removable so that maintenance will be simple and easy.

The kiosk is recommended to be mounted on the floor to prevent from falling.

Typically applications are car parking system.

SK3.2 - Coca-cola EAT(Employee Administrative Terminal)

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