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Portable  Kiosk evolved from liqueur promotion girl carrying portable computers and pub hopping to market booze. Mind bogging games are loaded in the kiosk for drinkers to challenge alertness and to win some prizes at the end of the game.

Equipped with a 15" Touch screen LCD and battery life of up to 5 hours, the  Portable  Kiosk weigh less than 5kg with an aluminium chassis. Using micro disk module, the kiosk work well even when bump around making it durable and yet elegant for girls to bring about.

At the pressed of the button, Portable  kiosk is put to hibernate mode. Pressed the button again, the kiosk is ready for action within seconds.

Gradually, Portable  kiosk has became a necessity tool for promoting hard liqueur. Beer promotion using Portable kiosk concept is becoming a trend.
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Every kiosk should be designed to specific application and purpose-oriented. For good marketing approach, kiosks must attract attention and project company image to public.

Start customising your kiosk now. Discuss your requirement with us : sales@closed-loop.biz
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