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PC Enclosure Series
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PC Enclosure series of racks are mainly used in the Manufacturing and Process Control environment. Equipments housed inside the rack are protected from the environment as well as unauthorized user. It enables different levels of users to access control of the machinery by having separate compartments to store different equipment.

Typically, the top portion of the rack contain the monitor. Center portion house the keyboard and mouse for set-up of the computer. The lower portion is a multi-purpose compartment which usually house the CPU, printer or UPS.

Exhaust fans installed at the sides of the rack enable the electronic equipments to be cooled and at the same time prevent water droplets or condensation from getting into the enclosure.

Feature & Accessories for PC Enclosure
Keyboard Drawer

The keyboard compartment house a mini keyboard and mouse. The front panel is lockable to keep unauthorized user away. Foldable front panel can double as a wrist rest.
Power Distribution - BS1363 Standard &
Multi-socket type with MCB

Rack mounted power distribution socket is one of the option for the power distribution within the PC enclosure.

Position the power distribution according to design and needs.

Picture shows the BS1363 Standard Power Socket
Power Distribution - IEC Standard
Vertical embedded IEC power socket is another option for the power distribution within the PC enclosure. 

Picture shows the IEC Standard Power Socket
Power Cable - IEC Standard
Length : 1.5m
Size : 0.75 sq mm
Server Management Devices
EVO KM Console
88keys keyboard &
Touch pad mouse
Touch pad Keyboard EVO 1U KVM Console
17" TFT LCD &
Touch pad mouse
Rackmount LCD
15",17",19" &
20.1" TFT LCD
monitor with
touch screen
Panel PC
Up to 20.1" LCD
with touch screen
Other Enclosure Systems
EVO Series 19"
PC Enclosure
EVO Multi-tier
Server Rack
EVO Networking

IP Enclosure
EVO Kiosk

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