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KM - Console - 1U

  Rackmount Keyboard (29K byte)

  • Designed for windows
  • 88-key mini keyboard with embedded numeric keypad
  • Full functions of 104/105 key enhance layout
  • Built-in touch pad for pointing input device
  • 19" Rack mounted, EIA or IEC297 standard
  • Telescopic drawer with handle
Scope of supply
  • 88-key mini keyboard PS/2
  • Touch pad mouse, PS/2
  • 19" Rack mount kit drawer
  • Single USB type connection for mouse and keyboard
  • Track ball mouse
  • Customized mounting
Technical specifications
Compatibility IBM AT, PS/2 or USB
Key Layout 88 /105 keys
Travel Distance 3.0 ± 0.3 mm
Travel to Peak 1.0 ± 0.2 mm
Peak Force 50 ± 10 gm
Switch Life 1 million cycles
Electronic Data +5VDC ± 5% @300mA
Operating Temperature 0° to +55° C
Storage Temperature -25° to +65° C
Color Black or White ( Customized color welcom)
Dimension 44H x 483W x 400D mm
Weight 5 kg (including slides)
Packaging Size 620L x 520B x 120H mm
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