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19" Racking System
19" Rack Catalogue (Size:1.13M byte)

Unique styling with bold color combination make our racks stand out from competition and to decorate the server room or data center look lively.

Our comprehensive range of 19" racks are ideally suited for System Integrators who custom design networking solution.

EVO Series racks can be assembled to support or mount Servers, Switches, Routers, KVM Console & Switch. If required, two or more racks can be assembled in a cascade manner to form a Rack Console. 

Standard rack features include roof top with fan perforation, front glass door, rear steel door, removable sides, castor wheels, embedded power distribution and perforated equipment trays to enhance its aesthetic appeal.
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Rack Features
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Vertical & Horizontal
Cable Manager
Embedded Power
Distribution BS1363
Networking Rack with
Double Leaf Doors
Server Rack with
Perforated Door

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What's New
Curved Perforated Door enable more cool air flow..

With Information Technology getting more essential in modern world, more servers are needed to handle large users database and file serving. As servers get smaller, 1U rack space, more servers can be housed in a 42U rack and so thermal management becomes crutial. Curved Perforated Door server rack ensure servers get ample cooling to operate 24x7 without failing.

For more enquiry, contact : sales@closed-loop.biz
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