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Evo Networking Rack
Networking Racks are designed typically to house networking equipments like Patch Panels, Switches, Cable Management Panels (CMP) and Fiber Splice boxes. Sometime, 1U servers are also mounted inside to manage the networking equipments.

Networking Racks usually reside in network riser rooms or Server rooms. When housed in the riser room, space is very limited and cramp. Most of the time, the rack(s) has to be assembled in the riser room itself. So assembly of the rack has to be made as assembly-friendly as possible. 

Doors of the 800W cabinet are designed to be in double-leaf type to enable maintenance personnel to open the doors fully. To enhance the ventilation in the cabinet, the doors are perforated with holes small enough to prevent insect from getting into the cabinet.

Feature of Networking Rack

Double-leaf  Perforated Door

The stylish Networking Racks are designed for modern data centers. Different colored door trimmings are available in shades of Red, Cyan, Blue, Yellow, Orange and even Pink to categories them into different segment of customers.

With the state-of-the-art design, using these range of racks make the data center look lively and modern with a touch of Interior Designed architecture.

Double-leaf perforated doors ensure the doors can be fully opened in a tight space for maintenance work and also ensure good ventilation within the rack.

Vertical Cable Management (VCM) of 100 x 100mm are made with clip-on covers to do away with serviceable parts. Cables from the raised floor will run directly into the VCM at the base or top of the Networking Racks. Slotted sides of the VCM will receive the cables from the horizontal CMP and to prevent exposed cables. This will prevent cables from accidental damages and hide all unsightly wires from the "Spider Web" effect.
Networking Rack Accessories
  Rack Accessories Catalogue (Size:128 Kbyte)
Some features of Networking Rack accessories.
Cable Management Panel, Horizontal (1U CMP)
There are 2 types of cable management panels, vertical and horizontal.

The Vertical Cable Manager (VCM) are 100 x 100mm in cross section and stretches the full height of the cabinet.

Horizontal CMPs are 19" in width and the height available are 1U & 2U. The cover is made 19" in width to cover the cables fully to prevent accidental damages.
Power Distribution Unit - BS1363 & IEC Type

Rack mounted Power Distribution Unit, PDU is used for the power distribution within the Networking rack.

Position the Power Distribution according to design and needs.

19" Rack mounted PDU comes in a 5-way BS1363 & IEC layout.

Picture on the left-top show the BS-1363 standard 3-pin 230VAC socket. On the left bottom shows the IEC type.
Power Distribution - IEC Standard
Vertical embedded IEC power socket is another option for the power distribution within the PC enclosure. 

Picture shows the IEC Standard Power Socket
Power Cable - IEC Standard
Length : 1.5m
Size : 0.75 sq mm
Server Management Devices
EVO KM Console
88keys keyboard &
Touch pad mouse
Touch pad Keyboard EVO 1U KVM Console
17" TFT LCD &
Touch pad mouse
Other Enclosure Systems
EVO Series 19"
PC Enclosure
EVO Multi-tier
Server Rack
EVO Networking

IP Enclosure
EVO Kiosk

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What's New
Curved Perforated Door enable more cool air flow..

With Information Technology getting more essential in modern world, more servers are needed to handle large users database and file serving. As servers get smaller, 1U rack space, more servers can be housed in a 42U rack and so thermal management becomes crutial. Curved Perforated Door server rack ensure servers get ample cooling to operate 24x7 without failing.

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