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PenMount touch control board is designed for user different application, we separate the board to support 4-wire, 5-wire or/and 8-wire resistive touch screens. For each application, user is easily to choose the most convenience and best products from PenMount touch screen control board family.

PenMount control board has 6 kinds of control boards :

- PenMount 9084 - RS232 interface, supporting 4-wire and 8-wire touch screen

- PenMount 9026 - RS232 Interface, supporting 4-wire and 8-wire touch screen

- PenMount 9036 - RS232 Interface, supporting 4-, 5- and 8-wire touch screen

- PenMount 90A4 - RS232 Interface, only for 4-wire touch screen

- PenMount 5184 - USB Interface, supporting 4-wire and 8-wire touch screen

- PenMount 51A5 - USB Interface, only support 5-wire touch screen

All the control board is bundled with drivers. Also the control IC is available by different package. For detail description, here is the list for choice :
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