Digital Signage & Public Information Display
Airport Solution Railway Solution
DS-80xx IP20 Series
DS-8032 Catalogue (Size:93K byte)
DS-8042 Catalogue (Size:123K byte)
DS-88xx IP55 Series
DS-82xx Portrait Touch Series
DS-83xxVP Vertical Digital Banner Series
DS-83xxHL2 - Digital Banner Horizontal Dual Screen Series
DS-83xxHL4 - Digital Banner Horizontal Quad Screen Series

Stretch your Branding across a greater space, at low cost.

Digital Banner designed using screen from 15" to 82", cascaded to form a dual screen, triple screen or quad screen banner. Spanning up to 7.2m

CLESS Server - Closed-Loop Electronic Signage System

An Intutitive web based Digital Signage server your Digital Signage couldn't be more easier to manage and control. CLESS Server lets you quickly design or layout at the same time manage or schedule the signage contents to be played, all from the comfort of your note book or workstation. Best of all, you can be anywhere, with internet connection. Even using a smart phone to control the Layout or Content of your player.

Business Benefits
  • Reduction in staff and real estate requirements since one employee can monitor multiple Digital Signage
  • Unattended operation with extended service hours and off-site locations
  • Provide users with a more enjoyable experience boosting Customer Satisfaction & Experience
  • Business Product & Service Promotion 24x7
  • Corporate Branding, creating unique and high-tech image
  • Instant or Online Content Update
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Airline & Airports
  • Hotels & Convention Centers e.g., self check-in or registration
  • Rail, Bus & Transit
  • Retail
  • Fast Food / Quick Service Retail
  • Payment / Bill pay
  • Music (Mediaport)
  • Ringtones (Mediaport)
  • Mobile Games (Mediaport)
  • Books (Mediaport)
  • DVD rental
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Informational
  • Ticketing & Event Promotion
  • Casinos / Gaming / Off-Track Betting
  • Government Services
  • Stock Exchange
  • Motor Vehicles Rental and Parking
  • Employment & Social Services
  • School Security and Visitor Screening
  • Border Control & Security Pre-clearance
  • Lotteries
  • Medical
  • Prison
  • and many more applications, as far as your creativity can go ...
Upcoming Trend for Digital Signage Application
Project Reference
Singapore American School Canteen - DS-8332HL
Bedok Mall e-Directory DS-8842P & DS8846
Dairy Queen - DQ - DS-8046
New Station Hair Saloon - DS-8342VP2K << The Gohzilla Prism® >>

State-of-the Art design with Digital Signage and Kiosk in a single floor standing unit in a prism shape, it optimise the use of floor space and add mobility for outdoor deployment. On the left side, we have a Digital Banner stretching 2m tall and capturing attention as far as 20m away give the Gohzilla great visibility in public places. Fullfilling the requirement of advertising display.

On the right side, a 32" Interactive Digital Signage double as a payment kiosk to issue membership and queuing ticket. This payment kiosk collect cash, Ezlink, NETS and Cash card payment. Upon receipt of successful payment, kiosk will issue a ticket which is a queue ticket as well as a receipt. Kiosk application prints out a daily settlement at end of business day.

Application of Kiosk is excellent for Food and Beverage, Retail and one-man-operated stall or shop. Espeically in F&B, operator do not need to come in contact with money and food to ensure hygiene for consumers.

Watch Video. patent pending.

Dnata Terminal 3 Lounge - DS-8346VP2
Mount Alvernia Hospital - Doctors' Directory - DS-8846P
Downtown Line STIS & VSS Display
Downtown Line MRT - DS8842



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Digital Banner
Vertical banner style digital signage is the latest in advertising format, adopting from canvas banners and web advertising format.

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Vertical Digital Banner
Double Sided, Mobile

Gohzilla Prism


Vertical Digital Banner
Bar Type - Ultra Wide ratio
Vertical Digital Banner, Double sided
with Mobile Standee
DK6.3 - SHOP Kiosk with Digital Banner
Wall Mounted or Desktop mounted
for self help ordering & payment. Small footprint and portable.
Digital Signage Player DSP-8000
Vertical Digital Banner
with Mobile Standee
Skyscraper Web Format 160x600
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