Airport Solution


Digital Signage plays a very important role in Airport signs, information board and advertising. High performance displays ensures effective and un-disrupted communication to passengers which will give a good impression on the Airport. Applications in airport for digital signages ranges from :

    • Flight Information Display System
    • Baggage Information Display System
    • Passenger movement for Transit Passengers
    • Check in counters
    • Immigration & Security Clearance
    • Tourist or Travellers Information desk - save staff costs
    • Airport Ammenities for Transit Passengers
    • Visual interest - keeping travellers entertained and impressed
    • Announcements - assistance for the hearing impaired
    • Co-operative advertising with local airport vendors and other companies
    • Advertising
    • Interactive displays with touch screen for way finding.
    • Retail sales uplift
DS-8032A Catalogue (Size:93K byte) DST-8232C Catalogue (Size:93K byte)
DS-8042A Catalogue (Size:123K byte)
DS-8052 Catalogue (Size:136K byte) DS-8265 Catalogue (Size:503K byte)
Feature of Aviation Display
Gas Spring Assisted Flip door Swing Frame LCD mounting
  • Gas spring assisted flip-door prevent 
  • door falling
  • Safety for maintenance personnel
  • Swing frame LCD mounting
  • Ease of maintenance
IP55 Ventilation Perforation with filter
  • For IP55 Internal cooling 
  • Perforated mesh prevent insect from entering
Power Distribution Unit, PDU, 4-way
  • Internal AC power distribution
  • Metal clad casing for electrical safety
  • Built-in push button MCB for overload protection
Airport Solution
Flight Information Display
Indoor,  IP20 & IP54
Airport Information Display
Indoor,  IP20
Baggage Information Display
Outdoor,  IP54
Flight Information Display
Indoor,  IP20
Flight Information Display
Indoor,  IP20
Passenger Information Display
Outdoor,  IP54
Boarding Gate Display
with animated background
Passenger Information Display
with animated background
Check-in Counter Display
Dual display with flash content makes impressive presentation
Duty Free Shopping & Airline Offices
Product Launch
Touchscreen & Portable
Electronic Sign board
Indoor & Outdoor (IP20 & IP54)
Registration Signage
Portable, for Shuttle flight Waiting list
Building Directory &
Retail Advertising
Airline Reception 1
Airline Reception 2
Work Order Tracking System
Indoor,  IP20
Corporate Branding
Indoor,  IP20
Indoor,  IP20
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Large screen is the current trend for advertising in public place.

Due to the large screen size, 65" Industrial LCD are frequently mounted on the floor to give audience a life size effect. Customised mounting example Double sided screen or wall mounted screen are available.

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