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  Digital Signage
Digital Signage is a form of dynamic display in which content and messages displayed on an electronic screen, or digital sign,
that can be changed without...
Kiosks are usually employed for performing repeated task like payment, buying tickets, search for information, registration....
  Video Wall
Closed-loop offers customised LED and LCD wall solution and content management software, supporting a wide range of configurations and applications...
  Panel PC
Panel PC is the complete all-in-one computer system that uses fanless Intel Atom processor or Core 2 Duo series processor and LCD flat panel display with...
  Kwike Console
The Kwike console is designed for Quick and Easy deployment of the console at site. The components that made up the console are snap-on to the main frame...
 Industrial LCD Monitor
Industrial LCD monitors sizes range from 15" to 65" LCD. Monitor comes with standard 15-pin D-sub VGA connector and built-in AC power supply...
  KVM Console
The EVO View KVM console is built to save space in data center. With a form factor of only 1U, it saves rack space up to 90%. More equipments can be mounted in the...
  Rackmount Chassis
The Rack mounted PC is built to save space and to mount equipment in Industrial Standard. Consuming a usable space of only 1U or 2U and 19" rack mounted, the...
  Power Distribution Unit
Closed-loop offers wide range of PDUs with international standard eg. C19, C13, Multi-socket and used in different applications. Customised design welcome ...
  Customised Solution
Industrial Kiosk or terminals are built to compliment the operation of automatic machineries. They act as a programming console, monitoring and diagnostic station.Industrial Kiosk design enhance the outlook of conventional CNC machine. With customize LCD mounting, CPU selection and ergonomic chassis design, Closed-loop Industrial Kiosk will make an outstanding simulator.
  Origami Kiosk
Origami Kiosk is meant to showcase your impressive company presentations. With proper contents loaded, the kiosk can even be a talking machine. This product promoter, always working without the need for rest...
Unique styling with bold color combination make our racks stand out from competition and to decorate the server room or data center look lively...
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What's New!
Vertical Digital Banner
Double Sided, Mobile
Self Help Ordering & Payment Kiosk
Designed for Food & Beverage outlets where customers make order on the kiosk, make cashless payment via NETS or Ezlink and take a receipt which is also a queue ticket.
Digital Banner
During idle mode, SHOP Kiosk plays advertisement in a Vertical Digital Banner format, commonly known as Sky Scraper(160x600) a web advertising format, adopting from canvas banners.
Self Check-in kiosk
Self Service Kiosk helps to reduce labour related problems.

With the implementation of kiosk to handle repetitive task, unattended operation and long operating hour, businesses will benefit in the long run. It will improve profitability and enhance customer service from Self Service Kiosks.